Meet Joe Pileggi

As a boy, Joe Pileggi enjoyed writing. He once submitted a story to his school newspaper. The students on the newspaper committee loved the story. The Teacher Adviser, however, did not and refused to allow it to be published in the paper. Discouraged, this caused Joe to put down his writing.

Years later, encouraged by others, Joe wrote and published his first Christian book. It was a children’s story about the Good Shepherd in the Bible. It was very well-received. Both children and adults loved it. This renewed and sparked his passion for writing.

Since that time, Joe has written and published four other Christian books, including two books for children and two books for teens and adults.

Joe’s other children’s books, “A Special Night” and “The Third Day,” tell stories of Christmas and the Resurrection from the shepherds’ perspective.

Joe has also authored a book entitled “Fearless”, is a 90-day devotional for adults about the “fear nots” in the Bible.

Our newest book, “What Season Are You In?” is a cooperative writing with young writer, Raygan Boster. It compares the natural seasons with the spiritual seasons we all experience.


Christian Books Author Joe Pileggi

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