90 Days to Eliminating Fear from your life. Your Daily Dose of Courage in a World Plagued by FEAR



Fear not! When circumstances come against you and storms threated to knock your life off course, it is so easy to fall into fear. It’s the default mode for many of us. Fear of the future. Fear of illness. Fear of failure. Though fear mode is popular, faith mode is powerful. Get ready to rise above the storms and face fear with God’s promises!

God wants you to become fearless!!

“Fear not” appears in the Bible at least 365 times in one way or another. Fear is a serious issue. It holds you back from fulfilling the amazing calling God has on your life, and fear paralyzes you from enjoying the abundant life in Christ now.

In this 90-Day devotional, Joe Pileggi shows you from Scripture and personal experience how to exchange a lifestyle of fear for a lifestyle of encouragement, hope and peace. It’s time to stop going through life head down and insecure. Start living God-secure.


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